Our Primary Goal

To create an international social/business network used to connect people from various disciplines who have had their debut or contributed to high level sport. The nature of PushStart is to give back through supporting the relationships formed by the community. The goal is such that those involved are contributing, benefiting and passing along exposure to others. Mentorship and 'Paying It Forward' is a large part of PushStarts' mandate.

To champion a network of successful individuals who have come from sport and facilitate the transition into the business world.goals.

PushStart provides a network to:

Avoid the downfalls of Transition from Sport to a new career in Life
Facilitate growth of your network
Encourage preparation to be successful
Fosters a social and business community
Create Win-Win Environment
Focus on the rewards of giving vs receiving

Mission Statement

Champions supporting Champions – Facilitating Transition after Sport
Utilizing the Past – Igniting the Present – Planning the Future
Charities into Champions – Victims into Victors
Empowering – Evolving – Educating – Enlightening

Empowering our Present with the Knowledge and Experience of our Past to Visualize our Future. Creating a network of driven individuals prone to persistence, determination, achievement and success.

Being proud of our accomplishments, overcoming our challenges and putting forward our lessons in the next phase of life. Supporting one another by sharing our networks, utilizing one another`s talents & or services, growing our businesses, expanding our community and embracing our history in tribute of our past to move our present forward. Sharing a common bond that makes us family of sport ever after.

PushStart – Be the change that you want to see in the world....Mahatma Gandhi a quote that set the stage for change in one individuals life that has since defied the odds, made a difference internationally and is shifting consciousness one act at a time.

PushStart empowers the human charity into a champion, created victims into victors.

Inspired by an act of selfless expression to expand the hearts desire to give back, PushStart was ignited. This role model organization creates community, connects global networks and fosters a champion vs charity mindset in society.

Leading by example, PushStart has expanded by an Olympian's sheer desire to go above and beyond , pursuing a vision by defying the odds, regardless of scrutiny, financial support, experience, ability, knowledge or know how. Realizing that life's only hurdle is ourselves,

PushStart has embraced the need to make a difference in the world.

Encouraging expression & development.

* empowering the entrepreneur

* targeting those wanting to be part of community 

Code of Ethics

·Ethical conduct between all members of the network
·Equal Opportunity for All - Zero tolerance for discrimination
·Polite Communication and Behaviour - Zero tolerance for inappropriate communication or behaviour
·All for one and One for all